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C3MG business consultants are also qualified accountants, providing high quality, cost-effective accounting and advisory services to both small and medium enterprises.

It’s two birds with one stone, giving our clients the best of both consulting and accounting worlds—with a unique perspective that benefits from significant experience in both.

Indeed, our team can help you prepare key business documents such as financial statements, while assisting you to budget correctly for the future.

It goes without saying, but cash really is king—and at C3MG we’ll engage in careful cash flow forecasting so you know what to expect. After a crystal ball, it’s just about the next best thing.

We empower you with the right numbers so you can make better, more informed decisions about your business.

Up-to-date and accurate figures can make all the difference between a business sinking and swimming.

Are you in the black? Or are you in the red? Do you even know your profitability?

We’ll make sure you know your numbers. One of the ways we do this is through comprehensive management reporting and taking the time to ensure you understand what all the mumbo-jumbo means. We don’t just hand our hard work over and expect you to decipher it yourself.

We get it. Numbers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea—but they are for us. We undertake detailed variance analyses and provide thought-out financial commentary in a language that just makes sense.

Tax. Tax. Tax.

Company and individual taxation statements are part of our bread and butter, and we will reliably get them sorted for you each financial year.

Beyond that, we can assist with making sure your business is set up with appropriate accounting software that meets your specific requirements.

Business accounting is critical to business success.

Our accountants and consultants can also assist you to choose the right business structure setup—whether a company, partnership or trust. Or even a sole trade!

It’s important that your business has the right bones to support it, and our talented number crunchers will not only identify this for you but put it into place.

We go the extra mile by not only giving you the stock-standard numbers you need for yearly compliance, but also cogent advice and direction based on what those figures say about your business and where it’s heading.

For superior business consulting and accounting advice, contact C3MG Consulting today for a FREE 45-minute appointment to find out how we can help supercharge your business’ success.

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