Looking to start a business?

C3MG are the experts at helping startups succeed through real planning.

90% of business fail within the first year.


That figure drops to under 10% if they have a professional business plan.


We know the hacks to save time and money.


Trust / Company / Sole trader? The right structure can save you hundreds of thousands down the track.


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We are a one stop shop to weave all these elements together and recommend the right people, right from the start to make your business a success.

We can help anyone that is looking to start a business and needs a quality business pan to help them make the right choices and to save money. We offer small business accounting, business planning, tax preparation and much more. If you would like to talk to us about our small business planning, you can click he button above to book in a free 45 minute meeting, or you can call us on the number below.


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I have been using C3MG since starting my company and they are fantastic, Friendly staff and always keeping me up to date and informed. I would recommend everyone who has a business or is looking to start a business like I did to give them a call as C3MG has the ability to help you.
We contracted Brent Cain and C3MG to provide business viability and budgeting advice and subsequently the incorporation of 2 companies and ongoing general business accountancy services. I found the process to be one of the more pain free for a relatively complex component of establishing a new enterprise. I would like to thank Brent for his timely and expert advice and overall turn around and would happily recommend his services.
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