Business Consultants vs Business Coaches—understanding the C3MG difference

At C3MG Consulting, we specialise in business consulting—it’s in the name after all. This shouldn’t be confused with business coaching, which is an altogether distinct service despite the fact that consultants and coaches are often referred to interchangeably. It’s an easy mistake to make, so it’s important to understand the differences.

Business Consultants

A business consultant is your trusted advisor. He or she is your navigator, working with you to steer your business in the right direction, charting course, avoiding obstacles and weathering storms. 

A skilled consultant will know where your business stands and where you want to take it, and will help you manage your business, driving efficiencies, performance and profitability with measurable, reportable results.

Business Coaches

While a business consultant is your navigator, standing by your side as you set sail on your business journey and working with you to ensure you stay afloat, a business coach is more akin to someone who gives you some initial guidance then stands on the dock, watching you sail away by yourself while shouting words of encouragement from a distance. 

This is not meant as a criticism of business coaches—they certainly have their place­—but coaches tend to work more on the business owner, with soft skills like mindset and basic goal setting, unlike consultants who work with the owner on the business itself and on an ongoing basis. Many coaches also like to sell off-the-shelf training programs that might not be tailored to a client’s needs, with continuing support often provided via webinars and video links rather than face-to-face.

Why C3MG?

Our business consultants are tertiary educated with a speciality in business. We assist you to set goals, providing practical advice and developing initiatives to achieve those goals. We can also act as your third party sounding board, manage projects on your behalf and draw on our trusted network of professionals to better support your business and maximise your business’ success.

At C3MG, we work closely with you and provide a variety of consultancy services ranging from business planning and partnering to investment analysis and small business start-up. We’re also able to provide accountancy and bookkeeping services, giving us a unique commercial edge in fulfilling our key role as your business consultants.

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