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With over eight years experience in helping small businesses succeed, we are confident that a business consulting plan will improve your business.

We work with our clients to identify and capitalise on fruitful opportunities – whether it be increasing the number of business leads, strategies to maximise revenue generation per customer, reducing non-essential expenses or otherwise.  

We often begin by identifying business goals and objectives. Too often, business owners are unsure of their own business goals. What they don’t realise is that this is like a ship charting course without a destination—bound to end up lost, floundering or sunk.

Our consultants will seek to formulate a clear strategy and action plan that navigates your business towards success. This is your map to follow. It’s tailored to your needs and your individual circumstances, and our consultants work side by side with you to help you implement it—we don’t just hand it to you and say goodbye. 




We develop long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients.

We love establishing strong business relationships that last the test of time. Being involved in the journey of either start-ups or established businesses is particularly exciting when as advisors, we advocate strategies that have a meaningful impact.

Our consulting is bespoke to your business. We pride ourselves on our transparent and accessible communication with our clients.

It’s about a fresh, impartial perspective.

It’s easy to get too close to your own business, lots of business owners are guilty of it. Being external to your business, we provide objective advice that can benefit even the healthiest businesses. 

For superior business consulting advice, contact C3MG Consulting today for a 1-hour strategy session for $250 + GST, or 3 x 1-hour business consulting sessions for $600 + GST. For long-term business consulting, price will be determined upon application.


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